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Words from our patients

  • I was not having any success with trying to improve my health and lose weight on my own. I was looking for a holistic approach to accomplish my goals and I now have HOPE!

    Susanne B.
  • I initially came to Rejuv for weight loss and hormone replacement therapy. I have lost 35 pounds since I first saw Dr. Baird and I now have a lot more energy!

    Todd S.
  • I initially came to Rejuv for weight loss, decreased energy, and overall general health. After being in the program for 4 months, I am now more active, have lost weight!

    Rick B.
  • I was attracted to this clinic because of fatigue, tiredness, sleepiness, and depression. I was happy to learn about non-prescription drug solutions to my problems.

    Barbara A.
  • I very much recommend Rejuv. I wish more of my friends would get involved because health is really important.

    Mary B.