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Providing Hope and Solutions Through Comprehensive Thyroid Care

Are you taking medication for thyroid disease, but still struggling with symptoms? Maybe you’re always tired no matter how much you sleep, or you’ve put on weight you now can’t lose. Even while on thyroid medicine, patients keep losing their hair, continue to suffer with depression, and worst of all—no one can tell them why.

We often see patients frustrated by stubborn thyroid symptoms who’ve been told that according to blood work, they’re ‘fine.’ They should be feeling better, but they don’t. Thyroid medication—or possibly antidepressants, sleeping pills and pain relievers—are not helping. No matter how many doctors, endocrinologists or holistic practitioners tell them nothing’s wrong, they know how they feel.

If this sounds familiar, you should know you’re not alone. You don’t have to try to learn to live with the symptoms wreaking havoc on your life.

There is hope!

There is a reason you feel the way you do. Something is causing your exhaustion, sleep issues, the digestive problems and all the aches and pains. Once the underlying cause of your condition is found, it can be properly managed. You can regain your productivity at work and get back to your favorite hobbies. You can spend time with family and friends, fall asleep at a reasonable time and wake from a full night’s sleep refreshed and energized. Life will be fun and rewarding again when you’re back in control of your health.

What’s needed is a different approach—one that gets to the bottom of your condition. Trying to mask symptoms with medicine rarely works for thyroid patients. A better way is to find and fully address your underlying health problem, so symptoms naturally fade.

We’ll Investigate and Uncover the Root Cause of Your Condition

Dr. Baird has been through the same training as other medical doctors you may have already seen. He knows it’s likely they’ve each done their very best to help you. What holds them back in the majority of cases is their training. Without the benefit of additional training in functional medicine, doctors rely on minimal testing and insufficient evaluation to diagnose thyroid disorders. The only solutions they can provide for symptom relief are medications. If medicine fails to help you feel better, they have no other options to offer for therapeutic support.

We’ll investigate your condition deeply and thoroughly through comprehensive testing. We’ll determine exactly what’s going on related to your symptoms and thyroid dysfunction. We’ll find out what your body needs to recover, and then develop a program of care that’s very likely to help you feel better.

Dr. John Baird is Kentucky’s Trusted Source for the Answers and Support Thyroid Patients Need

Dr. Baird partners with patients, looking closely at their lifestyle, diet, exposure to toxins across their lifetimes, and their responses to stress. Our investigation of thyroid conditions involves listening carefully to patients, and combining the information they provide with the results of functional medicine testing. We have a proven track record of success helping thyroid patients because our approach is comprehensive, and the care we provide is customized.

Thyroid conditions are progressive in nature; they aren’t likely to go away on their own. Until the cause of your health problem is properly addressed, it’s likely you’ll keep struggling with symptoms. They may even worsen over time. As long as your thyroid is unbalanced, you’re at risk for deteriorating health.

If you’re ready to take an active approach to improving your health, it’s likely we can help. You can start living a better life by helping your body recover and heal. The first step is to call (502) 785-7480 and schedule your consultation.

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