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One of the most common issues amongst all humans is the struggle to maintain an ideal weight and body image. In fact, recent studies have discovered that 60% of American’s are overweight and 1/3 are obese. This has led to an epidemic of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, fatigue and sleep apnea all of which are potentially reversible. Our current healthcare system has not only not been able to make an improvement in these areas of health, but now our children are the first generation to be believed to not live as long as we will due to poor diet, lack of exercise and high levels of stress. There are certain things which must be done to help reverse this including accountability to make changes in lifestyle and provide support as well as education to learn how to eat, control stress and exercise the most effectively.


Why Do Typical Diets Fail ?

A recent study found that the most common diets really don not work in the long run. Most diets require restriction of calories which is not sustainable and eventually lead to most people gaining their weight back and being even heavier when done. The body adapts to this reduction in calories and resets your metabolism slower because the reduced calories are stressful to your body which then affects your controller of your metabolism your thyroid.


What Foods Are Healthy ?

All calories are not created equal. For instance, 1000 calories of broccoli is not the same as 1000 calories of apple pie and all of us are aware of what is healthier. Our diet high is high in processed food which means high sugar, trans fats and lacking in essential nutrients for our body to efficiently function. Many people are increasing intolerant of certain foods especially wheat / gluten, dairy and corn and the advent of GMO products has only made this issue worse. Eating a diet rich in the rainbow of fruits and vegetables with meat being considered less prominent as a condiment is important with elimination of products containing wheat and gluten. Evaluating and eliminating foods that cause inflammation leads to easy weight loss, reverse most disease and leads to a longer and healthier life.


What is Different about our Program ?

Our program has unique components that a lifestyle coach and mentor who will frequently check on your progress and keep you on the specific diet we will place you on unique to needs. We do a comprehensive functional medicine testing to find the root cause of your issues within your body including food intolerances, digestive imbalances, hormone imbalances and evaluation of how stress is affecting your body. We provide a comprehensive educational curriculum to teach you how to shop and prepare healthy meals, how to understand your labs and how hormones being imbalances affect you as well as nutritional products to treat these issues. Your body will undergo a detoxification program to clean up the sludge on your liver and heal your digestive system for aid in absorption of nutrients. We will teach you how to control your appetite naturally by resetting your metabolism and balancing your neurotransmitters. Finally, we will teach you how stress affects your body and how all of us can reduce and deal with stress in a healthy manner.

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