Hormone Optimization


Are you fed up with being fat, sick and tired?

If you suffer from depression, hair loss, anxiety, food cravings, poor sleep, lack of motivation, weight gain with inability to lose it no matter how hard you try, loss of sex drive or brain fog your hormones  may be to blame.  If you are ready to rejuvenate your life then seeing one of our experts in hormone optimization may unlock the key to your ideal health.

How is our program different?

Most health care providers are not trained to find the root cause of illness and simply give medications to treat symptoms.  Functional medicine providers have specialized education that enables them to look at your body in a more comprehensive way.  Hormones work together as a symphony in your body communicating with each other and your organs to keep all of your vital bodily functions working in synchronously by making fine adjustments.   When one or more of your hormones become imbalanced it can lead to symptoms that if not properly assessed will persist or lead to even more serious problems as time goes on.  Proper treatment requires state of the art laboratory evaluation and a unique personalized program set up just for you utilizing specific diets, exercise, stress management, individualized supplements and bio identical hormone replacement. Our wellness curriculum will teach you how to best care for your health to remain healthy for life.
What are Bio-identical Hormones?
Bioidentical hormones (BHRT) are substances that biochemically identical to your bodies own hormones and therefore have been found to be safer and more effective with less side effects.  A compounding pharmacist can formulate a personalized prescription that our office will prescribe by taking an in depth history and evaluating cutting edge functional labs.  We also offer hormone pellets and have more experience than anyone in our area using bio identical hormones.

What symptoms are relieved by BHRT ?

Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Mood Swings, Insomnia, Depression, Headaches, Fatigue, Loss Sex Drive, Brain Fog, Memory Lapse, Hair Loss, Weight Gain, Joint Pain, Stress Incontinence, Vaginal Dryness / Pain, Acne or Dry skin

Is hormone replacement dangerous?

The Women’s Health Initiative Study found that the use of oral synthetic non bio identical estrogen and progestin increased the risk of breast cancer, heart attack, stroke and blood clots.  However, the use of bio identical natural hormones does not increase risk and the use of estriol has even been found to be protective against breast cancer.

Why should I consider BHRT?

The use of hormone replacement to relieve symptoms (there are 400 functions of estrogen) has been done since the 1950’s with a change made to bio identical hormones in Europe in the 1970’s to improve the safety.  Studies have since demonstrated that the use of BHRT reduces the risk of all the leading causes of death for men and women such as:

  • 80% less risk of dementia / Alzheimer’s
  • 50% less risk of heart attack and stroke
  • 50% less risk of osteoporosis = less fractures
  • 40% less risk osteoarthritis joints / joint pain
  • 30% less risk of colon cancer

What is my next step?

At Rejuv Medical Louisville, we have been caring for women and men with hormone issues for over 15 years and take a comprehensive approach to your health care.  We will work with you to identify what your hormone imbalances are, explain our findings and build a unique program just for you.  We call this Personalized Medicine.  Dr. Baird is board certified in Anti Aging Medicine and is one of a few local physicians who have completed the International Society for Sexual Medicine training as well.  He was one of the first physicians prescribing BHRT in our area and is able to give you the choice of hormone pellets, crèmes, pills, shots or even the type Suzanne Somers uses (TS Wiley).  We use bio identical hormones and nutritional supplements to balance to address all your personal concerns and recommend lifestyle and dietary changes with education and coaching to enhance your well being to meet your goals to optimal health.

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