5 Easy Steps to Quick and Healthy Meal Prepping


Many of our lifestyles are constantly go, go, go leaving little room for even moderately healthy food options. Convenience food makes it incredibly easy for you to skip the good stuff and onto the chips and cheese dips!

To eat healthy all it takes is just a little prepping (get it?) such as grocery shopping and meal planning then you’ll be on your way to healthy dishes for yourself and your family.

Let these helpful tips guide you to becoming a meal prepping machine!

Make a Menu
This is a great time to explore those easy-peasy recipes that are at our fingertips via the internet, subscriptions, or your very own cookbooks at home that are collecting dust. I know I get bored making the same old dish week after week so explore your options, and who knows, you may find a recipe that takes half the time but tastes twice as good. Win!

Grab the Necessities
After completing your due diligence to find those awesome new recipes, you will better understand what it entails to make those dishes and the accouterments needed as well. Go grab that fresh basil plant that’s needed for your healthy zucchini noodle pasta dish or the empty spices you’ve been putting off for ages. I highly recommend making a list and knocking it out all in one swift trip. Having a game plan for the week and getting the “tools” needed is key!

Keep the Momentum
Pick a day that works for your schedule to knock out the grocery trip, keep the movement going, and roll right into meal prepping once you get home. Start chopping, dicing, and slicing your items to prepare for the upcoming meals you have envisioned for the week. Wash your produce, separate your meats, and get it all good and organized before the fun part begins! Before I even leave home I get out my cast iron skillet, my crock pot, cutting board, knives, and anything else I deem necessary to make my masterpieces.

Invest in High Quality Tupperware
Tupperware is one of the easiest storage options for on-the-go meals and makes reheating for dinners or lunches a breeze. Glass tupperware not only makes our food last longer but keeps your items well maintained until you pull it out for those ready-to-go snacks or meals. An extra fun tip, I prepare salads up to a week early by using mason jars. Now I know that sounds crazy but its a great storage component and saves you tons of time in the kitchen by filling a few early in the week. Just be sure to put the dressing at the bottom, then greens, and then your toppings to it from getting soggy.

The Freezer is Your Friend
Don’t underestimate your freezer. If you tend to make extras often, I know I do, you can freeze mostly anything! Big on sauces, make half for your upcoming week and freeze the rest for another dish later down the meal prepping road. Feel like making extra soup? Throw any extra in the freezer but be sure to date and check on freezer life for your items. You would be surprised how just a little extra goes a long way!

So, there you have it. Five completely easy and helpful hints to get you started on your meal prepping destiny!

Going the extra mile now will save you not only money but inches on your waistline by making the effort to take care of your body.

Being in the kitchen is supposed to be fun and a great way to explore your taste buds. Doing this with a roommate or partner takes even more of the burden off and makes room for bonding and food creation.

I hope these tips help you in your path to health. Bon appétit!

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